Wednesday March 2nd the La Mesa Rotary sponsored a 4-Way Speech Contest for local High School students. We invited 4 high school students to compete in the contest with prizes from $25 - $100.  The students were Kailey Archuleta, Meredith Drake & Georgina Fang all from Patrick Henry High School and Kenneth Schwartz from Steele Canyon. Kenneth Schwartz won the contest taking away the $100 1st place prize. Special thanks to Sam Bauchmann from La Mesa Rotary for organizing this contest.  He recruited 3 members of the club to be judges. Each student was give 5-7 minutes for their speech. The speecehs were judged on how well the students used the 4-Way Test in their speech, the delivery, & timing.  We would like to thank Patrick Henry Counselor Dawn Moreno for helping with teh Patrick Henry Interact Club and getting these students to our program and to Jim Kline for the work he does to help students at Patrick Henry High School.