Comedy Hypnosis Show sponsored by La Mesa Rotary!
La Mesa Rotary Club hosted a Comedy Hypnosis Show starring our very own Marsha Starr!
There were a number of atendees that volunteered to go on stage to by hypnotized by the Hypno Diva Marsha Starr including club President Mark Matthews and Red Badger Parker Cox.  it was a great show watching the volunteers dance on stage and fall asleep by a simple touch!  Anybody want a special Barbie Doll?
We had a lot of winners as well! For the main Opportunity Drawing we had a Grand Prize of a weeks stay in Cabo San Lucas and that was won by Dr. Jay Thompson! Brant Rustich won the iPad Air and immediately gave it to a child sitting in the front of the room! The third Opportunity Drawing prize was a Samsung Tablet.
There were also a number of other prizes.  Almost 40 in all!  These included wine from the Ramona Valley Vineyard Association, Elam's Hallmark, YMCA, Bike Repair and many more!  You could buy an Arm's Length of tickets so most used Brant's stretched out arms for their tickets.  John Watt was the big winner of the night!
Special thanks to Becky Schwartz and Mark Matthews for pulling all of this together!  Brant and parker for manning the Beer & Wine tables and Marsha for being the STARR of the show!
A great time was had by all!